Best Tips to Take Care of your Cars Wheel Bearing

A wheel bearing is one of the important components in any vehicle suspension, which negates the friction in the wheel while moving. Every wheel has its own set of bearings. It is responsible for the braking system of a car. So the general wear and tear will make the wheel bearing to fail. In modern cars it is not possible to service the wheel bearing the only way is to replace it.

best tips for caring of wheel bearings

If you do not take proper precaution methods to care, your wheel bearing means you have to pay more money for a replacement. The new bearings price is usually high, which depends on the quality of the product. Also, hub bearing replacement cost is the most important aspect that needs to be considered while doing the replacement process.

In order to save your money, I have listed some best tips to take care of your wheels bearing, so follow it.

Dirt is Deadly

A tiny particle of dirt can able to enter into wheel bearing and do damages on it. Also, it will reduce the operating life of wheel bearings. The only way to prevent this issue is by cleaning your workspace regularly so that dust particles won’t stay at all.

Handle with Care

Even though the wheel bearings are very hard and made up of rough materials, it has very sensitive components. Rough handling will disturb those components and makes the wheel bearing to fail in a very short period of time. So you need to be more careful while handling, storage, and transport of wheel bearings.

Mounting Procedures

Always refer to car manufacturer’s workshop manuals during removal and installation of the wheel bearing. Different wheel bearing has a different force that needs to be applied during the installation and removal process. The improper force will make the wheel bearing to fail shortly. If wheel bearings are damaged in this way, you will hear noise while driving the car.

Use Right Tools 

If you use tools that are not made for your product means it will tear the surface of wheel bearings. And the usage of these damaged wheel bearing will fail soon. So you have to use the right tool during installation and removal of bearings. Also, using the right tools will save your time.

Replace at Right time

Usually, wheel bearing must be replaced when the mileage of the vehicle comes between 70,000 and 110,000 miles. In order to improve reliability and safety, SKF recommends inspecting the wheel bearings periodically. You can check the wheel bearing while replacing the brake system also. It will prevent the bearing from early failure. 

Replace Lubricants Regularly

Most manufacturers recommend replacing lubricants at every 22,000 miles for rear-wheel drive vehicles of front wheel bearings. In some cases, lubricants won’t damage until the brakes are applied. So it will work double the recommended lifetime. Always check the early warning signs of bearings, which includes friction noise from the rotors. 

Some Bonus Tips

  • Always prefer the right grease.
  • Work with clean instruments.
  • Check the contingency of the housing and axle while changing wheel bearings. Even the most insignificant wear will create misalignment and creates early failure.
  • The contact surface of the seal must be in good condition. Even the smallest rust can damage the seal and allow water inside and eventually make corrosion.
  • Don’t use a hammer to hit straight on the bearing.
  • Don’t take a Hub Unit before mounting. It will damage the seals and raceways, so the bearings get destroyed.
  • Don’t try to remove or repair the seal on a hub unit. Because seal will get destroyed, and water infiltration will occur which leads to corrosion and early failure
  • Don’t try to fasten extents on Hub assemblies. The factory sets the correct preload while manufacturing. However, you can tighten the nut to the correct preload by referring to the workshop manual.