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Celery bitters

Celery Bitters smell is quite a bitter, orange zesty flavour, and they are probably the spiciest of all the bitters.

hermes orange & Aromatic Bitter

Hermes Orange bitters have a strong orange zest smell, more powerful than that of Regan’s Orange bitters. Hermes Aromatic bitters are the least bitter aromatic bitters

Martini bitter & pimm's austins

Martini Bitter flavoured with aroma of Campari and bitterness tempered with orange and sweetness. Whereas Pimm’s Winter Cup is brandy-based, Austin’s Winter Drink gets it’s alcoholic kick from wine and grain spirits

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6 Best Air Compressor for Tires in 2020

An air compressor is a mechanical device. It is similar to a pump but is differentiated with the fact that it uses gases/air, whereas pumps use liquids. The air compressor utilizes energy to compress air.

The energy used to compress air may be of different kinds, such as electrical or chemical. The market has two main types of air compressors, Reciprocating & Centrifugal compressors.

best air compressor for tires


Air compressors have a variety of usages. Today air compressors are being used in huge industrial factories, small and medium business houses, and the individual Mom and Pop brick mortar shops.

Air compressors are used to supply air under pressure to fill gas cylinders, controlled pressured air is supplied to surface divers, also air under pressure is utilized to run pneumatic system valves in running schools, Air compressors are also used to run jackhammers and other industrial tools.

Here I listed the six best air compressor that you can buy.

Senco PC1010 1-Gallon Air Compressor (Best Overall)

This is the best overall rated air compressor in the market. It is lightweight and has a noiseless operation. It is portable, and as the specification indicates, it runs at one horsepower peak and has a gallon capacity.

It is targeted at the small business owner who oriented towards site renovation and also the amateur hobbyist. Costs at just over a hundred dollars and comes with a one year warranty.

California Air Tools CAT 1P1060S

It is one of the few compressors which has an oil-free pump that allows for operation in different terrain and temperatures and, in turn, equates for fewer costs and maintenance. Also, it has wheels fixed to it for better mobility.

The Ultra Quiet Motor is a Single Piston Pump and is built to have a life cycle of 3000 Plus hours compared to life cycles of 250 hours or less from other air compressors. This unit is highly durable.

This unit weighs very less at 29lbs, thus making it highly portable. One more priceless feature is its ultra-quiet and works at 56 decibels only and comes with a one-gallon tank. It is priced at under $110.

PORTER-CABLE C2002 Portable (Best Value)

This unit is one of the most popular six-gallon pancake compressors that packs a big punch. Built for the self-employed construction expert, it can fill tires to fire nails.

It has an induction motor that is ideal for the long haul. You can work this unit of your normal household circuit. It has a 120V motor that starts without a fuss under 30lbs for easy portability.

California Air Tools 8010 Air Compressor (Best Wheeled Pick)

At just under $220, this is a wheeled air compressor that is really worth its price. If you are looking for a workhorse that is easy to move around and work with whilst being super durable, then your search ends here.

This unit is also designed with an oil-free pump, thus making the durability of the unit almost ten times more than regular air compressors and also equates to no monthly maintenance costs.

The design team boasts of the compact and portable nature of the unit and the noiseless operation it achieves with 1680rpm. The tank is built out of rust-free aluminum and comes with a toolkit, which makes it easy to transport the unit from one spot to another.

DEWALT D55146 Hand Carry Compressor

At just under $360, this unit measures at 33.5 inches and has a max storage tank capacity of 225 PSI, which in turn provides the user with 80% more usable air than the industry leaders.

If you have a few extra dollars and want something of top-notch quality, then this model suits you. The operation has under 78 decibels noise and makes for a quiet work environment. The unit comes with fixed non-flat foam tires, which allow for portability, and Efficient High powered technology allows for durability.

EPAuto 12V DC Air Compressor Pump

This is a compact little gem. If you are on the move and need to fill your car tires, then this is the product you can use with ease, what more it even connects with your car’s cigarette lighter. This model will work wonders for small cars but may disappoint you when trying to work with Trucks or at homes. Priced at under $35


8 Best Thriller Series You Can Watch on Netflix

When scrolling through Netflix, deciding the best shows to watch can be a difficult task for everyone. Especially if you are a thriller movie fan means you just need some entertainment. Here we list you the top ten Netflix thriller series to watch.

best thriller series on netflix

Love, Death & Robots

This is a collection of short movies that cover a wide spectrum of genres and a wild ride for the curious spirit, and they include action-packed thrillers, action-comedy, science fiction, and horror. This is a world-class cutting edge thriller animated series brought forth by equally talented animators.


If you are one of those who just can’t miss a great psychological thriller, then this one’s for you. The series follows on the premise of the old adage ‘When in Rome be like Romans’ meaning to catch a criminal often requires the authorities to get into the criminal’s mind and plot a course of action to nab the bad guy.

Holden Ford plays a role similar to that of an agent in the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit, wherein he tries to get into the heads of these violent criminals and understand the reason why they do and what they do.


It is a thriller series created by Bill Dubuque of ‘The Accountant’ fame. It is superbly done, and the creative and cinematographic genius of this person is seen to be believed. It is one of the best-written shows ever.

At its core, it is about a family who has moved to the Ozarks and is forced to reconnect as a result of the breadwinner (Marty Byrde) having messed up a money-laundering scheme.


This show is a blast. It’s riveting and gripping with each episode ending at the right cliffhanger moment, making you come back for the next. It is about an Israeli defense retiree, Doron, who goes back to seek and destroy an enemy who they thought that he was already dead.

Doron plans to eliminate this terrorist only to realize that his own cover is blown and that sets into motion a series of events filled with plots and subplots. A must watch series for any thrill-seeking fan.

Peaky Blinders

It is about an urban street gang set in Birmingham that operated in the 19th century. It is a cat and mouse game where the dangerous Tommy Shelby leading the Peaky Blinders gives Inspector Chester Campbell a run for his money.

If you are a part of the ever-growing crime loving audience and want to watch the best British Gangster & Criminal series, then this suits you. It’s a treat all the way, and though it is about crime. Don’t miss this one.

Money Heist

best thriller series on netflix

This is probably one of the best thriller series of all time that I have laid my eyes on. It is about a professor who meticulously plans a money heist going to absolute extremes to plan every detail of the heist. Each episode is gripping, and all actors play their parts equally well.

The plan is to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history by printing money. The storyline is perfect. A final word of advice, if you have just place for one crime thriller in your schedule, mark this one for sure.


This is a thriller docudrama wherein Errol Morris of Oscar-winning fame takes us on a journey picking the details of the 1953 death of scientist and CIA employee Frank Olson.

It is about the controversy of Olson’s death, which was initially reported as a suicide, but later in 1975 was found to be a top-secret experiment.

It is a story involving allegations of biological warfare, LSD spiked liqueurs for volunteers of deadly experiments, Project MKUltra, and mind control. Catch it at your own risk as you may come open to some dark secrets of the government.


In my personal opinion, after having watched tons of Horror thrillers, I have reached the conclusion that this is one genre where fantastic shows are far and few in between.

Kingdom strikes all those checklist boxes when it comes to looking for a great Horror thriller. It is Gong Yoo’s masterpiece and definitely worth a watch. It is about a Prince trying to save his people against evil and plans of evil.

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