10 Best Movies of Hollywood in 2020

Choosing a film to watch is not a difficult option, but you have the option of the best movie, then it is difficult. Like last year, we will always do our best to keep you aware of the blockbusters that you can’t miss.

There must be something in this list that fits all year round from scary horror films to strong documentaries. We know that you are busy, and several powers are currently competing for your attention, so we hope that you won’t waste your time. Here are the ten best Hollywood movies from 2020(till now).


There are certain plans, minutes and heroes when a cinema tells the story of a community coming together to fight external invaders. In Bacurau, the fictional Brazilian city of the north-west part of the world became violence, vengeance and retribution which combines feverish and quasi-dystopian to rule the world. Gomovies also listed this movie on their top 10 movies list of 2020.

Color Out of Space

Look, what you must know about this hallucinatory H.P. Lovecraft’s update is that Nicolas Cage plays the role of an alpaca husband, father and potential farmer. The work of the filmmaker Richard Stanley, who came back more than two years later, is perhaps most significant. Nevertheless, rest assured that the family at your centre and of course, your animals are very badly affected when the meteorite strikes your rural land and begins to distort its reality.

The Assistant

A long day in the life of a low-level drone for an undisclosed film studio in New York, much like the Weinstein Company, is the debut of this movie director Kitty Green. Jane (Julia Garner) takes call and copies, and takes off the body fluids from the office sofa of her boss and understands with the same gloomy understanding that it is precisely what her fantasy industry must give.

First Cow

The filmmaker’s great ability to invoke a sense of place, feeling, emotion and inspiration on display to make a cut of the screen is as attentive, as Kelly Reichardt to Nature’s rhythms, human and otherwise, of the first cow’s breath-taking moments.

The Wild Goose Lake

Chinese manager, Diao Yinan’s The Wild Goose Lake has a spiral strength, like his former Black Coal, Thin Ice, which intensified his romantic fatalism. The neo colour of Diao follows a gangster called Zhou Zenong (Hu Ge) who marries a “bath beauty” prostitute named Lu Aiai (Gwei Lun Meis) after murdering a policeman from a wrong-doing criminal enterprise to locate his ex-wife Yang Shujun (Wan Qyan) and claim the reward from his back.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

The Port Authority bus station provides the background to a fantastic part of the wait in Eliza Hittman’s powerful portrait of a young girl travelling from Pennsylvania to the city of New York in order to be subjected to abortion, a process that she can’t get into.

The Whistlers

The Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu loves playing with form and procedure; he is a strong manager for animated stories about politicians, police and other government officials who suffer the repercussions of communist dictatorship for decades.

Gretel & Hansel

Oz Perkins is a terrific lyricist obsessed with desperacy, and his atmospheric reinvention of the classic fairy tale strongly affects all factors. Teen Gretel (Sofia Lillis) refuses to serve as the scary old lady cleanser in a campaign packed with an unknown disease and is killed by her mother and forced to shoot her younger brother. Hansel (Sam Leakey) to a convent that doesn’t want to join in on a trip through the deep woods.

Sorry We Missed You

The modern concert market has been built such that the consumer rarely needs to think hard about the person who delivers a package to their doorstep. Sorry, we miss you, English film director Ken Loach is a harsh reminder of the new workshop by the 83-year-old, that these Amazon carton stacks which come at a price for humans.

The movie is based on Ricky (Kris Hitchen) and Abbi (Debbie Honeywood) couples who attempt to educate both their children, keep their modest home and keep jobs in Newcastle without conventional safeguards.


Extremely strong and beautifully motivated Russian manager Kantemir Balagov is following two veteran women who tried to reconnect with Life in the post-war period in St. Petersburg (who really deserved at least an Oscar nomination this year; was called but did not hit the last five).

8 Best Thriller Series You Can Watch on Netflix

When scrolling through Netflix, deciding the best shows to watch can be a difficult task for everyone. Especially if you are a thriller movie fan means you just need some entertainment. Here we list you the top ten Netflix thriller series to watch.

best thriller series on netflix

Love, Death & Robots

This is a collection of short movies that cover a wide spectrum of genres and a wild ride for the curious spirit, and they include action-packed thrillers, action-comedy, science fiction, and horror. This is a world-class cutting edge thriller animated series brought forth by equally talented animators.


If you are one of those who just can’t miss a great psychological thriller, then this one’s for you. The series follows on the premise of the old adage ‘When in Rome be like Romans’ meaning to catch a criminal often requires the authorities to get into the criminal’s mind and plot a course of action to nab the bad guy.

Holden Ford plays a role similar to that of an agent in the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit, wherein he tries to get into the heads of these violent criminals and understand the reason why they do and what they do.


It is a thriller series created by Bill Dubuque of ‘The Accountant’ fame. It is superbly done, and the creative and cinematographic genius of this person is seen to be believed. It is one of the best-written shows ever.

At its core, it is about a family who has moved to the Ozarks and is forced to reconnect as a result of the breadwinner (Marty Byrde) having messed up a money-laundering scheme.


This show is a blast. It’s riveting and gripping with each episode ending at the right cliffhanger moment, making you come back for the next. It is about an Israeli defense retiree, Doron, who goes back to seek and destroy an enemy who they thought that he was already dead.

Doron plans to eliminate this terrorist only to realize that his own cover is blown and that sets into motion a series of events filled with plots and subplots. A must watch series for any thrill-seeking fan.

Peaky Blinders

It is about an urban street gang set in Birmingham that operated in the 19th century. It is a cat and mouse game where the dangerous Tommy Shelby leading the Peaky Blinders gives Inspector Chester Campbell a run for his money.

If you are a part of the ever-growing crime loving audience and want to watch the best British Gangster & Criminal series, then this suits you. It’s a treat all the way, and though it is about crime. Don’t miss this one.

Money Heist

best thriller series on netflix

This is probably one of the best thriller series of all time that I have laid my eyes on. It is about a professor who meticulously plans a money heist going to absolute extremes to plan every detail of the heist. Each episode is gripping, and all actors play their parts equally well.

The plan is to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history by printing money. The storyline is perfect. A final word of advice, if you have just place for one crime thriller in your schedule, mark this one for sure.


This is a thriller docudrama wherein Errol Morris of Oscar-winning fame takes us on a journey picking the details of the 1953 death of scientist and CIA employee Frank Olson.

It is about the controversy of Olson’s death, which was initially reported as a suicide, but later in 1975 was found to be a top-secret experiment.

It is a story involving allegations of biological warfare, LSD spiked liqueurs for volunteers of deadly experiments, Project MKUltra, and mind control. Catch it at your own risk as you may come open to some dark secrets of the government.


In my personal opinion, after having watched tons of Horror thrillers, I have reached the conclusion that this is one genre where fantastic shows are far and few in between.

Kingdom strikes all those checklist boxes when it comes to looking for a great Horror thriller. It is Gong Yoo’s masterpiece and definitely worth a watch. It is about a Prince trying to save his people against evil and plans of evil.