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Featured Post A toast to Old Tom

January 29th, 2008

Old Tom gin, a sweeter gin that was very popular during the eighteenth-century and is often called for in classic cocktail books, has been unavailable for many years. However Christopher Hayman, whose great-grandfather created Beefeater gin, recently launched Hayman’s Old Tom gin, so just how different is Old Tom to London Dry?

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Noilly Ambre

September 15th, 2007

Noilly Ambre

Noilly Ambre is a rather rare apéritif made by the same folks that produce the famous Noilly Prat dry vermouth. Like all Noilly Prat vermouth it is produced in Marseillan, France, using wines made from Clairette and Picpoul de Pinet grapes.
The initial process is the same for all vermouths, be it sweet, dry or ambre. [...]

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MxMO – Orange

August 13th, 2007

MxMO – Orange

It’s Mixology Monday time again, this month hosted by Gwen at Intoxicated Zodiac with the theme of Orange. Well actually it’s a bit more complicated than that, relating to the star-sign Leo (my own sign, coincidentally), but head over to Intoxicated Zodiac for the full run down.
I use orange bitters and orange zest quite regularly, [...]

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Of Campari and Orange Bitters

August 1st, 2007

Of Campari and Orange Bitters

My previous experiences with Campari have left me less than impressed. I’ve tried both the Negroni and the Rendezvous but have found both of them somewhat overwhelmed by the bitterness introduced by the Campari. However, I’m not one to let a difficult ingredient keep me down – if I was I would never have gotten [...]

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Cherry Heering

July 21st, 2007

Cherry Heering

Having already covered Kirsch and Maraschino, two cherry based spirits, tonight I turn my attention to Cherry Heering, a Danish liqueur that is brandy based and flavoured, as you might have guessed, by cherries. It has been in production since 1818 and is generally considered one of the very best cherry brandies. It has a [...]

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More on Kirsch

July 14th, 2007

More on Kirsch

Almost two months ago now I experimented with several cocktail recipes using Kirsch, a cherry flavoured eau de vie. The two drinks I tried, the Acacia and the Eider Duck, weren’t bad cocktails but they weren’t exactly special either, and I haven’t returned to either again. However, since then I have come across several other [...]

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Featured Post Coming Out

June 7th, 2007

Coming Out

The most famous cocktail in the world, the Martini, is also a misunderstood one. These days most associated with James Bond and vodka, a real Martini should be made with gin and most definitely stirred, not shaken. It’s certainly not a cocktail for beginners, so find out what I made of my very first Martini.

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June 2nd, 2007


Maraschino is a liqueur which gains its flavour from Marasca cherries. During production the whole cherry, including the pits, seeds and stems, is used which lends an almost almond like taste to the spirit. It has a fresh, slightly dry, bittersweet flavour which is very different to regular cherry liqueurs, and somewhat hard to describe. [...]

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