5 Best Town Hall 11 Farming Base Layout

Farming is one of the most important things in Clash of Clans. You can’t do anything without doing farming because farming only gives the resources needed for your troops and village. You must ensure both the attacking and defense structure while doing the farming process. If anyone of it fails means you will definitely be defeated by the enemies and all your resource will be stolen.
In town hall 11, farming is more important for your troops; also, it is difficult to do as you are at a higher level. You must use some techniques while building the farming base layout to confuse the enemies. We used those techniques very efficiently and built five best base layout for town hall 11 farming you can simply use it on your clan.

Townhall 11 Farming Base Layout 1

townhall 11 farming base layouts 1

In this layout, most of the buildings are placed inside walls only because it will consume more time for the attackers to enter. Farming buildings are placed in the second layer of the layout because the majority of the enemy’s troops will be destroyed in the first layer itself. Even though enemies troops destroy the second layer wall, our defense system will easily destroy them as they lost their power before.

Townhall 11 Farming Base Layout 2

townhall 11 farming base layouts 2

This town hall 11 farming base layout is perfectly organized by dividing the layout as 9 sections where the outer 8 sections will give a defense to the main section placed inside. All the 8 sections have defensive and attacking buildings with high power. Also, many number of traps are placed outside the wall to prevent the enemies from breaching the walls. Some resource buildings are placed outside the walls in order to reduce the strength of enemies troops. At last, spell buildings are placed at each side of the wall to give a higher level of damage to the enemy.

Townhall 11 Farming Base Layout 3

townhall 11 farming base layouts 3

Nine sections not enough for your town hall 9 farming base? Here we present the th9 farming base with 17 sections. More number of sections in this farming base layout is because of additional walls built for the big canons so that their attacking time will be higher and destroys enemies in seconds. Here also magic spells are placed in every side of the walls to slow down the enemies troops. It has more number of canons and air defense compared to other base layouts. This will definitely help you to do the farming process and win the game.

Even though you get the best farming base layouts from us, its all depends on your execution. You have to place the traps very cleverly in each and every place to surprise the enemies troops. I recommend you to place traps in every square distance on the outside wall.


Now you got a better idea for farming base layout for your town hall 9. You may either use our layout or built one on your own with the knowledge gathered from us. Don’t forget to share your layout with us. We will happily share it with our readers.

Source: topcocbases.com