10 Best Trendy Hair Styles for Girls


A proper hairstyle and a perfect outfit will increase your look and personality to the next level. As far as you girls make your face and body look good, you forget about your hair, which is the most attractive thing. 

As girls grow up, they try out some punk haircuts, but if you are a teenage girl or a girl who likes to make your hair look beautiful, then it will be perfect for you to experiment with some of the beautiful hairstyles that fit your face. So, to make it simple, here we have listed some of the popular and most beautiful for you girls. If you are looking for boys hairstyles for your child means please refer here.

  • Braided Ponytail
  • Side French Braid
  • Triangle Braid Crown
  • Fishtail style 
  • Bun with a Twist
  • Blunt Bob with Subtle Waves 
  • Fauxhawk Braid style
  • Side Swept Boho style
  • Long Hairstyles with curls

hair style girls

Braided Ponytail

If there a hairstyle that will be perfect for all girls who have long hairs, then it will be the Ponytail. If you are bored with the regular Ponytails, you can try this Braided Ponytail hairstyle. 

This hairstyle basically elevates your personality and looks beautiful. When you are in a hurry for college, you can wear this hairstyle, which will take much effort or time to do so.

Side French Braid

Most of the girls are familiar with the French hairstyles and might have tried them. It is easy and looks cute on girls. The Side French Braid hairstyle is also easier to do. 

This hairstyle is good for all different face shapes.

Triangle Braid Crown

 This hairstyle is popular among girls for years. When you are eager for any kind of festival and wanted to look like a queen, you really need to consider this Triangle Braid Crown hairstyle. It suits for young girls, and beautiful with a flower on it. 

Fishtail Style

Girls with long hair can experiment with different hairstyles to look good; one among them is the Fishtail hairstyle. This hairstyle is only for girls who have long, thick hair. 

You need lots of practice to make this hairstyle look perfect on you. Don’t worry, give it a try and you will love it.

Bun with a Twist

The Bun with a Twist hairstyle is the most popular hairstyle for any occasion purpose. It’s simple, lovely, easy, and well sophisticated too. You need to make sure that the bun sticks on the top by making use of some regular hairpins.

 Your bun will be thicker depending on how long your hair is, try it and fall in love with this style.

Blunt Bob with Subtle Waves

If you are someone who has no long hairs to style your hair, then no worries, you got a cool hairstyle that will make you go sexy. Blunt Bob with Subtle Waves is the best choice for you. 

Just make a partition of your hair, comb down with your regular hairbrush, give some sweet curls at the end, that’s it, you are ready with this cool hairstyle.

Fauxhawk Braid Style

This particular hairstyle goes well on girls with medium hair. Fauxhawk Braid hairstyle is just one of the free-flowing hairstyles. 

Brush your hair on the sides and on the middle make a twisted crown with a normal knot. This will be perfect for thin hair, also a really cool hairstyle for any occasion.

Side Swept Boho Style 

Girls with long and healthy hair are far blessed to try out some cool and popular hairstyles. The Side Swept Boho style is something that attracts most of the girls. 

If you really want to attract and amaze your friends with some fancy hairstyles, this will definitely be an easy choice.  

Long Hairstyles with Curls

Usually, girls with curly hairs are cute. Long hairs with curls are classy and sexy to look. This classy western hairstyle is suitable for round shape faces and can be executed during winter seasons. 

It is a kind of hairstyle that you need to try when you are planning for a weekend party with friends.

All girls are angles with best and beautiful hairstyles. Always the best hairstyles are always appreciated by your friends. So, next time avoid the regular boring hairstyles and try some different hairstyles to get some attention. I hope that these best hairstyles will help girls experiment and make hair look super cool and stylish.