One week to go

July 6th, 2008

It doesn’t seem like long ago I was deciding whether or not to make the trip to Tales of the Cocktail this year. Indeed, it doesn’t seem like that long ago I was jealously reading the coverage of last years Tales from Rick, Darcy and Paul. Time does, as they say, fly though and with any luck by this time next week I will have done the same and be in the Big Apple on the first leg of my trip to the States. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am!

Oh Gosh! in the USA

In an effort to organise all the plans currently flying around my head I thought I’d take Darcy, Marleigh and Gabriel’s lead and post up a schedule of where I’m likely to be over the two weeks I’ll be in America. Bear in mind I’m easily swayed by bright lights, so this schedule is very much subject to change…

Sunday 13th – Arrive in New York, check-in at hotel, and maybe hit a few bars (or more likely crash out from jet lag).

Monday 14th – Do some touristy things, visit LeNell’s, checkout some of New York’s finer drinking establishments.

Tuesday 15th – Fly down to New Orleans, grab a Sazerac at the Carousel Bar, explore New Orleans nightlife with a few fellow bloggers.

Wednesday 16th
2pm – Toast to Tales of the Cocktail
4:30pm – Bloggers reception
7:30pm – Save the Daiquiri Party

Thursday 17th
10:30am – To Have and Have Another: The Hemingway Bartender’s Companion
12:30pm – Juniperlooza
2:30pm – Cognac and Armagnac, Understanding the Nuances of the Spirits
4:30pm – Hausgemacht: A Look into Modern Nano-Distilling
5:30pm – Cocktail hour

Friday 18th
10:30am – Amore Amari: A Very Bitter History of Bitter Spirits
12:30pm – Rum, Ron, Rhum
2:30pm – History of Liqueurs
4:30pm – Sensory Perception and Mixology
8pm – Rum and All That Jazz

Saturday 19th
10:30am – The Cafes of Paris
2:30pm – Cracking the Egg: The Tradition, Challenges and Potential of Eggs in Cocktails
4:30pm – Making Your Own Cocktail Ingredients

Sunday 20th
10:30am – The Gentleman’s Companion: The Life and Times of Charles H. Baker
12:30pm – The Flowing Bowl

Monday 21st
10:30am – Opening of the Museum of the American Cocktail
12pm onwards – Explore New Orleans

Tuesday 22ndRecover.

Wednesday 23rd – Recover some more, then fly back to New York.

Thursday 24th, Friday 25th – More touristy things and fine drinking establishments.

Saturday 26th – Make a mad dash around New York’s best alcohol shops filling my suitcase with as much booze as I can, then fly back to England.

Unfortunately several sessions I really want to attend occur at the same time, so my final choice may depend on last minute whim. The morning sessions are also precariously placed, as I am a notoriously bad early-riser (and yes, 10:30am is early). Still, if you think I’m missing out on something I shouldn’t be, or just want to arrange a time to meet up, please do let me know.

The eagle-eyed among you will spot I haven’t mentioned anything of the Spirited Dinners. With such a huge choice, and so many great sounding food and bar menus, I’m at something of a loss as to which I should choose. I’m aware the longer I leave it the more likely places will be booked out so I will probably make a choice soon, but suggestions to help make my mind up would be most welcome.

Finally I’ve got some free time in New York either side of Tales of the Cocktail, and as it’s my third time there I haven’t a huge list of “must-dos” aside from the odd gallery and show. If anyone in the NYC area fancies meeting up for a drink or dinner, or simple has a recommendation of where I should head, do get in touch.

I cannot wait to meet all the readers, fellow bloggers and various cocktail illuminati that will be in New Orleans for TotC – see you all next week!

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3 responses to “One week to go”

  1. Camper English Camper English says:

    You’re missing out on Regional Trends in American Cocktails on Saturday morning, which is relevant to you because… okay fine, Paris is closer.

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    How about the Spirited Dinner at the Palace Cafe? Paul Clarke and Jim Meehan from PDT are hosting and the menu sounds excellent. Speaking of PDT…you’ve got to check it out while you’re staying in New York. Hope to meet you in New Orleans. Happy Travels!

  3. Seamus Seamus says:

    Jay, you have a very similar plan to me. I’m sure I’ll run into you at a few of those. And YES, many of the best sessions clash!

    For the Spirited Dinners I’m doing the Tiki style dinner at The Delichaise (spelling?). Now I have to admit some of the other menus look more tempting in the conventional sense. But I reckon the experience of a Tiki style meal with Beach Bum Berry will be hard to beat. . . so really no contest. Well OK, it’s a little contestable. Several of the others look great too. But anyhow, the Delichaise is where I will be.

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