Oh Gosh! turns two!

May 3rd, 2009

On this day two years ago I published my first blog post and launched Oh Gosh! to the world. Little did I know that, almost 200 posts later, a simple interest in mixed drinks would turn in to something of an obsession that has led me around the off-license, and indeed the globe. If the first year of Oh Gosh! charted my education in classic cocktails, the second year has definitely been about the discovery of the world beyond the Martini glass – great bars and great people.

I’ve spent the past year exploring the bars of my home town, London, as well as cities I’ve been lucky enough to visit like New York, Berlin, Amsterdam and Hamburg. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit some great events like Tales of the Cocktail and Bar Convent Berlin and meet many wonderful people involved in the world of cocktails and spirits. Perhaps the most exciting thing, website-wise, this past year has been the launch of Oh Gosh! TV, a project I am very proud of that has already featured two of the best bars in the world as well as one of the biggest cocktail book collections there is.

This next year promises to be just as busy. Next week I am off to Paris for Cocktails & Spirits, where I’m looking forward to exploring more of the Paris bar scene and catching up with a lot of friends I’ve made over the past year. Later in the year Tales of the Cocktail and Bar Convent Berlin promise more fun and mischief, and I’m excited to be able to let everyone in on the adventures this time around through Oh Gosh! TV. And of course I’ve not forgotten about good old blog posts, and there are still lots of great cocktails and tasty spirits to drink and write about.

Oh Gosh! turns two competition


To celebrate the 2nd birthday of Oh Gosh! and to say a big thank you to all the readers over the last two years, I’m offering the chance to get your hands on a very special collection of prizes. One lucky reader will win the complete range of Bob’s Bitters plus a copy of the Mud Puddle reprint of The Bartender’s Guide by Jerry Thomas.

For a chance to win all you need to do is make a comment on any post here at Oh Gosh! between now and Sunday 17th May. Whether you are a regular reader or someone who has just arrived, you are all eligible to enter. It’s as easy as finding a post you enjoyed on the site and adding your opinions or insight on the subject. If you don’t feel you’ve anything to add to any of the topics, just make a comment here introducing yourself and letting us know how you found the site. You’ve nothing to lose, and some very tasty bitters to gain!

The winner will be chosen at random from everyone who has commented between now and May 17th. The competition is open to all, but it must be legal for you to receive the bitters in the post where you live. Please be sure to include an email address when entering a comment so I can contact you if you win – rest assured email addresses will not be used for any other means.

Good luck, and thank you to everyone that I’ve met over the past two years who have made running Oh Gosh! and being a cocktail geek such fun. Cheers!

Update (18/05/09): Entries are now closed – the winner will be announced later this week.

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40 responses to “Oh Gosh! turns two!”

  1. Chris W. Chris W. says:

    Well, how can I not enter after hearing about those prizes! I’ve been browsing your site for a couple months now, usually popping in via your RSS feed. I think I must’ve linked here from a Mixoloseum or TDN post, or something, and I’ve been very happy to keep spotting new and interesting concoctions to try. And your taste-testing of orange liqueurs has been invaluable, so many thanks for that as well!

  2. Brond L Brond L says:

    I recently discovered this site during a search for a bit more information about the Singapore Sling. I like the history and culture worked into your tasting notes. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dinah Dinah says:

    Thank you, Jay, for all the class and context you bring to the online cocktail world.

  4. Blair, aka Trader Tiki Blair, aka Trader Tiki says:


    congrats on hitting the two year mark, and you’re still going strong.

    Much love from across the pond and then some!

  5. Torben Torben says:

    thank you for all the work and love you are putting in your projects! Oh Gosh!is always among the first blogs to read when google reader shows new posts to me!

  6. Christian Christian says:

    Happy birtday ohgosh!

    And now let´s celebrate the next two years whit Jay, excelent cocktails and storys and the best cocktailblog i know! ;-)

    Greatings from god old germany!
    PS: Nice to see you @ BCB again this year :-)

  7. Luc Luc says:


    This is certainly one of the most entertaining blogs at the moment, and it’s great that you’re over this side of the world!
    Keep up the good work for many more years!

  8. matthew matthew says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: best cocktail blog on the net. Congratulations!

  9. Tomek Tomek says:

    Keep up the good work Jay! Na Zdrowie!

  10. Sigurd Sippel Sigurd Sippel says:

    Hello Jay!


    I love mixing cocktails, especially the classic bar is my favourite.
    I read several blogs, some unfortunalety closed (like bittersblogs) but some become better and better.
    Oh Gosh blog became with the new software more professional and useful, the new videos are very great. Oh Gosh TV is very different to smallscreennetwork or youtube.
    There is noone at home, who think, he is the best. You go to the people and show the best ;)
    I hope we will enjoy you a long long time.
    Thank You!


  11. tkw tkw says:

    jay, thanks for this blog, i subscribe to the feed via livejournal. i’m new to cocktail nerd-dom… its cool to read the thoughts and adventures of a more experienced drinker. to live vicariously through if nothing else.

  12. Gijs Gijs says:


    Great blog, love to follow your recipes and since a few weeks also your movies. Although I do not comment too much, the opportunity to win some proper bitters (in Holland nobody has heard of flavourful and original bitters) made me leave this comment. Just keep on going, I’ll be right on your tail! ;-)


    Gijs (The Netherlands)

  13. Cathmo Cathmo says:

    Love the blog, love the vids, dig your scene. I’m a beginning cocktail nerd, bitters nerd and nerd nerd and your site is informative and inspiring! Congrats on 2 years!

  14. RM RM says:

    Congratulations on hitting the two-year mark, and thanks for all the great recipes! I discovered this site through Liqurious a couple months back, and I’ve been really enjoying working through your archives and seeing your new posts since.

  15. blair frodelius blair frodelius says:

    Congrats on making 730 days worth of classy drinks!

    Good Spirits News

  16. Robert Robert says:

    Oh Gosh! has made it to one of my favourite blogs and I so often forgot the time when reading loads of your brilliant posts.
    I’m really looking forward to everything that will follow :)

    Cheers to you!

  17. Robert Heugel Robert Heugel says:

    Congrats! You have really raised the bar for cocktail blogs; keep up the good work.

  18. Jake Jake says:

    Looking forward to many more posts, especially your videos in which you do a fantastic job!

  19. grantbob grantbob says:

    Congratulations on two great years Jay. Thanks for sharing the experience!

  20. Jacob Jacob says:

    Jay –

    First, congratulations on 2 years, that it is indeed a very impressive feat and I hope that you continue producing excellent articles on the cocktail world. Also, I want to say the prize you are offering is an excellent gift to whom ever receives it. After reading your article on Bob’s Bitters I was easily persuaded to contact Bob and order a set…And they did not disappoint at all.

    Thank you, for what I consider to be one of the best blogs.

    - Jacob Amburg

  21. Jeff K Jeff K says:

    Hi Jay! I’m happy for you, and this is a wonderful website and blog.

    I’m pretty new to Oh Gosh! but am loving it so far and it’s one of my favorites. I was first attracted to the site by it’s clean design and cute graphics but I stay for the awesome content. Thanks!


  22. Miss Sunalee Miss Sunalee says:

    Happy birthday !
    Did you ever come to Brussels ? It’s very difficult to find good cocktails (unless you want to drink a Mojito !).
    And it isn’t easy to find the ingredients, I’ve been looking for ages now to find Galliano…


    Hi Jay ,
    first of all let me tell you that i’m a professional mixologist and drink consultant as well writers for several drink publications . I find your website walking in the web for informations . Let me tell you that i find it very different and curios over the others website . Your news look very attractive and update . Just let me tell you a suggestion : try to speak a few more about bartenders and bars . This because nobody has to forget that good bartenders make great bars ,not always good bars make great bartenders . Every bar is made first of all from people . Put bartenders in the middle of your discussion and never forget that usually behind a great smile there is a bartender . That’s why the cocktail or anyother drinks is just a tool that a good bartender use to create emotions and sensations in a guest . I like to think and to say that a good bartender is a life sale man . This year i’m in charge in Italy for absolut Vodka for the organization of the Absolut Talent Show to find theyr mixologist for the year 2010 ( http://absoluttalentshow.com ). In this job we’ll looking for the personality of the bartender that is the middle of everythings . So , congratulation for your web site and specially for your report on cocktail bitters that i find very interesting . I put already your website in my favorite and i hope you will keep so high the standard of Gosh . Keep in touch and all the best for your career and your life . warm regards .

  24. sylvan sylvan says:

    Congratulations on 2 years! Looking forward to meeting you at Tales. Keep it up.

  25. Rick Rick says:

    Cheers Jay! Can’t wait to catch up with you in DC and at Tales.

  26. SeanMike SeanMike says:

    Congrats on two years Jay! And hey, if I win, you can just bring ‘em to Tales…:)

  27. Kim P. Kim P. says:

    Hi Jay!

    An interest in Old Tom gin lead me to you over 6 months ago and I haven’t left. Your obvious enjoyment and curiosity of how different ingredients make a different cocktail has fueled my own interest in cocktails and helped me advance further in my own mixology hobby. Thank you!

    I’ll be in the London area in June and, based on your reviews of the hotel bars, am looking forward to visiting the Connaught Bar.

    Congratulations on the 2 years! I look forward to many more!

  28. Noah Noah says:

    Hi Jay… Been following the blog since you began and it just keeps getting better. I’m loving the OhGosh-TV segments. Such a great addition. Congrats on 2 great years!

  29. Matt Matt says:

    Jay, thanks for all that you do. I really love your comparison articles (the orange liqueur showdown and the recent rye tastings), you should make more of them.

  30. Dan L. Dan L. says:

    Congratulations on two great years Jay. Keep up the good work!

  31. Robi Robi says:

    I.am Robi from Bucharest , bartender at elements , I like your idea to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Oh Gosh! :)
    I have found your site 8 mouths ago when i’ve read that oh gosh! is a must read when you want to create a cocktail menu :)

  32. David David says:

    Hello Jay,

    Allow me to commend you on a splendidly run site and congratulate you on reaching the second year of your endeavour. A job well done! I certainly am looking forward to your future articles and films from GoshTV.

    Carry on.


  33. john john says:

    great web presence after only two years! i started a cocktail/food blog with a couple other friends a few months ago, and can only wish for such success. cheers to two more good years…

  34. travis travis says:

    i am a big fan. keep up the good work

  35. Relaxo Relaxo says:

    Fantastic site. When I look for something new to try, this is usually the first, and last, place I visit.

    Thanks for doing it.

  36. Adam L Adam L says:

    Hi Jay

    I have to say I’m a long-time lurker of Oh Gosh! and the website has been a Friday/Saturday/anyday reference point for everything cocktail related. Thanks for telling us all about Gerry’s too! That place is a god send!


    Adam in Crouch End

  37. butters morgansen butters morgansen says:

    hey Jay,

    thanks for the great website! this was the first site that I discovered when I got into cocktails. I check your site almost everyday and use your recipes and reviews. Thanks!

  38. Jay Jay says:

    Thanks for all the comments! Entries are now closed – the winner will be announced later this week.

  39. Gijs Gijs says:

    I’m so excited! Did you select a winner yet?

  40. Jay Jay says:

    The drawing (or rather SQL query, but that sounds less glamorous!) will take place at some point over this weekend Gijs. Good luck!

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