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November 7th, 2007

Mixology Monday - Pairings

It’s nearly Mixology Monday time again, and this month I am honoured to be the host. For those who don’t know, Mixology Monday is a monthly event held in the online cocktail world where we all make drinks and write posts around a certain theme.

This month the theme is gin. Not quite as inventive as some of the previous topics perhaps, but nonetheless a subject I’m sure we can have plenty of fun with. Gin has been my key “find” since learning more about cocktails, having gone from a spirit I wouldn’t touch to perhaps my favourite after whisky.

Gin bottles

It currently seems to be enjoying something of a resurgence after spending years languishing behind it’s more popular, but less intelligent, brother, vodka. Sadly I’m sure we’ll never reach the point where as many varieties of gin sit behind a bar as do vodka, but let’s see if we can’t find some cocktails that might at least help buck the trend.

Whether you go for something classic like a Martini, or something a little more modern, all are welcome to join the party. To participate all you need to do is write a post about gin, link back to this post, and email me just to be sure. If you don’t have a blog, why not post your cocktail at eGullet or simply in the comments here.

See you on Monday!

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36 responses to “MxMO – Gin”

  1. Marleigh Marleigh says:

    We have a matching gin collection! Awwwww!

  2. Jay Jay says:

    Great minds drink alike…

    (God I can’t believe I just made that pun!)

  3. Scomorokh Scomorokh says:

    Wow! You have exellent collection of a gin. But where is a Bombay? :)

    Plymouth is my big dream… In Ukraine I cannot find with great alcohol now.

  4. SeanMike SeanMike says:

    What’s that Plymouth in the background?

    My friend Marshall and I worked on our Mixology Monday experiments last night. We had a similar array of gin as yours, just with the addition of Bombay Sapphire.

    Though I didn’t actually end up cracking into the Hendricks or Plymouth, I think he did.

    I can’t wait to get our posts up! This is our first Mixology Monday.

  5. Scomorokh Scomorokh says:

    In background with red label is, i think so, Plymouth Sloe Gin…

    It is my big dream too :)

  6. My gin ready to work says:

    [...] /devote to MxMoXXI – November 12, 2007/ [...]

  7. opinionated-alchemist opinionated-alchemist says:

    Oh my gosh… Why didn’t I know earlier – I made already two posts about gin. Hopefully nobody who reads the blog is annoyed of the return to this “bartenders’ spirit”!

    Let me think – what is new about gin…

  8. Chicken Angel – Saint Revivers says:

    [...] loss for words. It’s wonderful.  Hard to believe that only a few months ago that if you said Gin, I’d think Tonic. Cheers! Posted by Kelsey on November 10th, [...]

  9. Scomorokh Scomorokh says:

  10. Cocktails, Gagdets & More Cocktails, Gagdets & More says:

  11. Anita Anita says:

    Well, I thought I had trackbacked to this post, but I guess it didn’t come through:

  12. Chip and Andy Chip and Andy says:

    Found this recipe and thought it would be a nice addition to Mixology Monday.

  13. Craig Hermann Craig Hermann says:

    Pedestrian gin needs love too!

  14. Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments » Blog Archive » Mixology Monday - Gin says:

    [...] This is my first entry for a Mixology Monday. Jay Hepburn over at Oh Gosh! is this month’s host and the theme is gin. [...]

  15. From the Ginned Up Bastards Desk: The Boxcar « Iceland Spar says:

    [...] the posts for a theme ingredient for the day. This month the theme is gin, and it’s hosted at Oh Gosh!, one of the… fourteen cocktail blogs in my RSS feed. (14? Damn, that feels like a lot [...]

  16. Prince of Cups Prince of Cups says:


  17. Cocktails, Gagdets & More Cocktails, Gagdets & More says:

    Sorry – the earlier link no longer works, here’s an updated link:

  18. Christian Christian says:

    Hi all,

    my artikel is about the history of gin ; then a classical cocktail whit a variation of my own :-) ; the text like ever in german – the cocktail in english

    greatings from bavaria

  19. Intoxicated Zodiac Blog » beholden to the gimlet - leo’s tipple says:

    [...] to OH GOSH for hosting MXMO XXI. mixed by Gwenshaken in Cocktail Recipes, Flower Cocktails, Mixology Monday, [...]

  20. Marleigh Marleigh says:

  21. SLOSHED! » Blog Archive » Suffering Bastard says:

    [...] Mixology Monday again, this time hosted by gin enthusiast Jay over at Oh [...]

  22. cocktailnerd » Blog Archive » MxMo XXI: Fight Night!: Premium Gins - Vol. 3 (WC Division) - A blog of most things cocktail and alcohol related says:

    [...] Mixology Mondayer-ers! My fine and esteemed friend Jay, at Oh Gosh, is hosting this month with a broad topic much-beloved by me, Gin. Instead of posting yet another [...]

  23. Hanky Panky Hanky Panky says:

    In honor of Veterans Day the ladies of LUPEC Boston are toasting the women who have volunteered in service to our country over the years. We are happy to raise our French 75 filled glasses to the Hello Girls on this Mixology Monday! Head over to our site and read more about these bilingual broads!

  24. Rick Rick says:

    Thank Gin for making my life so much happier!

  25. Dominik.mj – the opinionated-alchemist Dominik.mj - the opinionated-alchemist says:

    Hi Jay,

    It is (was) mixology monday – please have a look what a bar-guy from Dubai has to say about gin… ahem a Gin Rickey…


    Dominik MJ

  26. Darcy O’Neil Darcy O'Neil says:

    Count me in:

  27. A Dash of Bitters » Blog Archive » MxMo 21: Gin says:

    [...] of the hat to Jay for hosting this month and choosing the [...]

  28. Dr. Bamboo Dr. Bamboo says:

    Here I come right up against the deadline as usual…

  29. sandra sandra says:

    oh I found this site just in time–I have much love for the gin…G&Ts are my staple–when I’m feeling lazy and need something familiar; but nothin’ beats the classic martini. I am so in love with Bootles gin–but do they carry it in NC? Noooooooo.

  30. Cynthia Closkey Cynthia Closkey says:

    Hooray, it’s Mixology Monday! Here’s my gin-soaked contribution.

    Thank you for hosting, dear Jay!

  31. bunnyhugs » Blog Archive » Gin! says:

    [...] this week’s Mixology Monday topic is gin. I should have lots of ideas for this one since it’s a spirit very dear to my heart. [...]

  32. Seamus Seamus says:

    My contribution!

  33. Paul Paul says:

    Hi Jay,

    Here’s mine:

    Thanks for hosting!

  34. Jac Jac says:

    Better late than never?

  35. Scofflaw’s Den » Blog Archive » Mixology Monday - Gin!!! says:

    [...] and foremost, I want to thank Jay Hepburn over at Oh Gosh! for hosting this month’s Mixology Monday.  Jay’s blog was one of the first that I found on the interweb and have been a devoted [...]

  36. Scofflaw’s Den » Blog Archive » Mixology Monday - Gin! says:

    [...] time for our first Mixology Monday!  [...]

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