MxMO – Gin Round-up

November 14th, 2007

Mixology Monday - Pairings

And so another Mixology Monday draws to a close. And what a busy one it was! I count a total of 36 37 38 (see comments below) entries, including the three from eGullet members, which just goes to show gin is far more than just something your grandma drinks.

We had all kinds of entries, spanning the length of gin drinks and showing just what a versatile spirit it is. So without further ado here are yesterday’s drinks, in no particular (but vaguely chronological) order…

Illustration by Dr Bamboo

Kelsey was first to post with two variations on the Corpse Reviver, using St. Germain instead of Cointreau and aptly named the Saint Reviver.

Pavel wrote about the award winning Golden Dawn cocktail that uses grenadine to create a very nice looking drink.

The guys at A Grandiose Blog went all the way and decided to try and make their own gin, or at least a gin infusion, by adding mango and lime to existing gin. Can’t wait to read how that turns out.

Anita dispelled the myth about the meaning of the letters DOM that is printed on every bottle of Bénédictine, and appropriately gave us The DOM cocktail.

Chip and Andy found a gem of a cocktail (oh dear…) from a recently purchased vintage cocktail book in the Jewell.

Craig at TDIF gave us a cocktail that uses an ingredient I own but have rarely used – lemon bitters. The Madgascar Gin Sour combines it with vanilla syrup, gin and lemon to create a simple but interesting sounding cocktail.

Ian lamented about having quite so many cocktail blogs in his feed reader, something I can relate to myself. He wrote about the Boxcar, a cocktail he found while trying to find a drink that uses Cointreau, but not too much.

At Booze Council two cocktails were served – a reformulated cocktail, the Colorless Green Idea, that simply combines gin and chartreuse, as well as the Dry Alexander which as a chocoholic, has my mouth watering.

Gin Bottles from Married With Dinner

Over in Germany, Christian wrote about the history of gin and gave us the Twentieth Century Cocktail, a tipple I enjoy myself on occasion. He also suggested replacing Crème de Cacao with Calvados, which is an interesting proposition and something I will be trying myself.

Gwen offered another beautifully decorated cocktail in the Beholden that uses Geranium leaves, which is a new cocktail ingredient to me, but sounds lovely.

Marleigh combined my two favourite spirits, gin and Bourbon, in a drink called the Suffering Bastard. If drinking gin and Bourbon is suffering, then I’m one perfectly eager bastard!

Everyone’s favourite nerd, Gabriel, put three more gins head-to-head in another Fight Night!, but cruelly chose American gins that I will now have to spend large amounts of time and money tracking down.

The ladies of Lupec Boston broke open the bubbly and served up the classic French 75.

Rick from Martini Groove made use of one of my favourite gins, Hendrick’s, in the The Cucumber Gimlet. The drink sounds delicious, and the Champagne float must look very impressive.

In sunny Dubai, Dominik found that he had already written so much about gin it was hard to come up with a new subject, but eventually settled on the ever faithful Rickey.

Darcy decided to head to the north of Manhattan for the Harlem Cocktail, though sadly it doesn’t sound like it lived up to it’s more famous neighbour.

Seamus extolled the virtues of gin over every other base spirit, making a very good argument as to why it is the ultimate cocktail ingredient. Given all the amazing cocktails I’ve had with gin in, I’m inclined to agree. He also mixed up a Barbara West Cocktail from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails.

Also making good use of Ted Haigh’s book was Dave who tried the Barnum (Was Right) cocktail, named after famous circus entrepreneur P.T. Barnum.

Perfect Martini by Erik Ellestad

Dr Bamboo produced another amazing illustration (which he kindly let me use at the top of this post), and wrote about the Del Coronado. He describes it as being like a “Hawaiian shirt with a great floral print, real coconut-shell buttons and silver thread stitching it all together.” I describe him as having had too many Del Coronados!

Also making use of rum were both Jimmy and Jeffery, who wrote about the similarities between white rum and gin, and how you can combine and/or swap them in recipes. At first I found this a rather strange idea, but these two know there stuff so I can’t wait to give it a try.

The final member of the rum and gin bandwagon was Blair, who, after some searching through his recipe books, provided us with two great looking Tiki drinks.

Cynthia went in search of a drink that made good use of Chartreuse, and also gave tastings for nine different gins. Sadly she was going for a quick and easy post, but her failure is our gain!

Mixology Monday’s founder, Paul, has been spending a lot of time with the excellent new book Imbibe!, but in the end went for a drink not featured in the book, and got morbid with the Obituary Cocktail.

Talking of Imbibe!, Michael also wanted to try a recipe from it, but couldn’t get hold of the required Plymouth gin. Instead he found the Tuxedo Cocktail (No. 2) in the Savoy Cocktail Book, which adds Maraschino and Absinthe to a equal-parts Martini.

Jac took this opportunity to try gin for the first time, and went the whole way from G&Ts to Martinis and straight gin. Hats off to Jac – that’s quite a stab at an unknown spirit! It took me quite a while to pluck up the courage to try a Martini…

Sonja showed off an impressive selection of gins, and offered two recipes including the Pearadise Found. What is it with pears and cocktails these days?

At Scofflaw’s Den Marshall and Sean tried a whole bunch of cocktails in what must have been a very fun evening. They also showed off a very neat looking case their Hendrick’s gin came in, which I am rather jealous of!

Humidity cocktail by Anna from  Morsels and Musings

Anna went old-school by using the original gin, Genever, in the Humidity which sounds very interesting and looks amazing.

Chuck discussed his journey from fearing gin to loving it, and gave the recipe for his own creation – The Hoskins Cocktail.

Jamie produced some typically impressive photos, and provided the recipes for the Fancy Gin Cocktail, a variation on Harry Johnson’s Bijou and one of his own creations – Guillaume d’orange.

Cameron’s sophomore effort for Mixology Monday described his tour of the San Francisco distillery that produces No. 209 gin. He also gives us the Nigai, which combines gin, Campari, Basil-infused grapefruit juice and Sake. Quite a combination!

Natalie served up The Liquid Muse Snapper, which makes use of tomato water (as opposed to tomato juice). Not being a fan of tomato juice, I’m very interested to see if this might work for me.

The good folks over at eGullet came up with a Perfect Martini, an Improved Gin Cocktail and a Cherub’s Kiss. Erik also provided a great photo of his Martini, which I have duly stolen to brighten up this page.

Finally, some chancer named Jay turned up late and boasted of his easy access to Plymouth Sloe gin with the Blackthorn English. If it makes you feel any better guys, I pay at least twice what you do for American whiskys, and most other stuff for that matter!

Some great recipes then, and some very interesting posts. Of course, given the number of entries it is entirely possible I may have missed someone, so if you entry doesn’t appear here then please accept my humble apologies and be sure to send me an email so I can correct the omission.

Thank you to all who took part, and hopefully see you all again next month, when we will be heading over to Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s place to celebrate Repeal Day.

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16 responses to “MxMO – Gin Round-up”

  1. Gabriel Gabriel says:

    Great subject and great round-up, Jay! Thanks for hosting, and perhaps upon Christmas day a bottle of ye old Rogue Spruce Gin may chance upon your doorstep, you never know… a boy can hope.

    Cheers, amigo.

  2. jimmy jimmy says:

    Great job hosting Mixology Monday!

    Cheers, Thanks.

  3. Marshall Marshall says:

    Great round-up Jay! Lots for me to read today . . . of course now I’m thirsty!


  4. Paul Paul says:

    Wow, what a great turnout — and a fantastic roundup! Thanks for hosting.


  5. Marleigh Marleigh says:

    Great post, Jay! And while the cost of whiskey in the UK does make me feel slightly better about your sloe gin, it doesn’t completely dispel my jealousy.

  6. Marshall Marshall says:

    I just finished reading all the posts and one thing (besides the great drinks) that I noticed is the wonderful garnishes. I wish I had the skill to do some of these. Truly beautiful!

  7. Jay Jay says:

    I said I would and I did… I missed Michael’s entry. Apologies to Mike! That makes 37 entries now.

  8. Seamus Seamus says:

    I wrote a post on GIN!

    How come the roundup mentions my previous MM entry on something else?

  9. Scomorokh Scomorokh says:

    Great job! Very monumental :)

    I participated MxMo first time and have a lot of pleasure. Thanks Jay for host and you enthusiasm!

  10. Jay Jay says:

    Sorry Seamus, I don’t know how I managed that one! I can only imagine I accidentally clicked the previous post button and in my hurry to get this post out missed the fact your cocktail didn’t contain gin. Your entry has been duly updated – apologies again…

  11. gwen sutherland kaiser gwen sutherland kaiser says:

    thank you jay : ) i’m glad you like the photo! cheers, gwen

  12. Dave Currie Dave Currie says:

    Hi Jay. You seem to have missed my entry too.. :) It’s at


  13. Jay Jay says:

    Sorry Dave, my junk mail filter rudely marked your email letting me know about your entry as spam. You have now been added to the round-up. That makes 38 entries now! Any more for any more?

  14. Dr. Bamboo Dr. Bamboo says:

    Jay, thanks so much for hosting! I’m now combing through all these entries, furiously making notes and bookmarking.

    Any excuse to use gin…;-)

  15. SeanMike SeanMike says:

    Of course after this MxMo I had to go buy a bottle of Plymouth…and still have no sloe gin!

    Thanks again!

  16. The Cocktail Chronicles » Blog Archive » Mixology Monday says:

    [...] MxMoXXI – November 12, 2007 Host: Oh, Gosh Topic: Gin Roundup Permalink: Gin Round-Up [...]

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