Marie Brizard orange liqueurs

March 29th, 2008

The Great Oh Gosh! Orange Liqueur Showdown

Marie Brizard founded her eponymous company in 1755 in Bordeaux with her nephew Jean-Baptiste Roger, and initially became famous for an aniseed liqueur now known as Marie Brizard anisette. By 1765 they began expanding their product range, and Marie Brizard now produces a huge array of liqueurs, spirits and even wines. For details on how the comparison was performed, check the notes on the showdown.

Marie Brizard Curaçao Orange

30% ABV

Marie Brizard Curaçao Orange liqueur

Marie Brizard Curaçao Orange is a very deep orange colour, helped along by caramel colouring, making it one of the darkest liqueurs in the comparison. Like many Curaçaos here it uses Cognac as a flavouring component, and interestingly it also uses rum like the Bols Dry Orange liqueur did. The nose has a zesty, bitter orange smell, with a Cognac background note and a slightly perfumed scent. There is also a definite alcohol heat towards the end.

Upon first tasting the liqueur is rather absent of, well, anything. It’s a really odd sensation, almost like you have sipped slightly thick water. However a sweetness soon develops with a mild Cognac background, which is followed by a bitter orange kick which increases in strength towards the end of the rather long finish, eventually showing a bit of alcohol burn as well. An interesting tasting liqueur, pleasant to sip alone and with definite cocktail potential.

Marie Brizard Triple Sec

23% ABV

Marie Brizard Triple Sec liqueur

Marie Brizard Triple Sec weighs in at a mere 23% ABV, which is nearly half the alcohol content of many of the triple secs in the comparison. It has a very light orange fragrance, slightly zesty, with a background note of alcohol. Though not particularly viscous in the glass, it has quite a heavy mouth feel. On sipping you get a fresh but mild orange taste and a fair amount of sweetness.

The finish is rather short, with a rock candy flavour which fades to nothing rather quickly. There is no real burn, which is unsurprising given the low proof of the spirit. Not unpleasant, but fairly one-dimensional and probably too weak in flavour to stand up well in a cocktail. I have always been impressed with Brizard’s fruit liqueurs, so I was somewhat disappointed when I learned this triple sec was theirs. They also produce a strong 39% ABV triple sec, I would be interested to see if that fairs better.

Note: In the interests of full disclosure, the liqueurs included in this comparison are a mixture of bottles I have purchased myself, and samples solicited from their UK distributors.

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6 responses to “Marie Brizard orange liqueurs”

  1. Sisca Sisca says:

    I like this for parties. Please help me where can I find some in london. Please I need your answer.

  2. Jay Jay says:

    Sisca, your best bet for Marie Brizard orange liqueurs in London is Vintage House, which is about half way down Old Compton Street. It hasn’t got as good a selection of spirits as Gerry’s up the road but it does stock plenty of stuff Gerry’s doesn’t, including various Brizard liqueurs.

  3. Married …with dinner » Blog Archive » DOTW: Cable Car says:

    [...] of my palate. And really, a drink with its roots in France deserves a better orange liqueur than Marie Brizard. I know it gets busy at the Starlight, but I’d like to think that the cocktail world has [...]

  4. Gordon Chappelle Gordon Chappelle says:

    Good Day…

    I really love your Liqueurs, particularly the Watermelon and/or Cantaloupe versions that I have tasted in local establishments.

    Please tell me how I can locate distributors in the Pasadena or Los Angeles, California areas??

    Thank you,


  5. Jay Jay says:

    Gordon – This is just a review of the Marie Brizard liqueurs. To find out distributors you should get in touch with Marie Brizard themselves.

  6. ami appelfeldt ami appelfeldt says:

    please, where can I buy Poire William?

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