Gabriel Boudier orange liqueurs

March 27th, 2008

The Great Oh Gosh! Orange Liqueur Showdown

Gabriel Boudier formed his self-named company in 1874 in Dijon, France, and initially became famous for his Crème de Cassis liqueur. The company expanded from these small beginnings and now produces a wide range of eaux de vie, fruit liqueurs and other spirits. The liqueurs tested here are taken from their “Bartender Range” which was launched last year as a premium range of liqueurs aimed at bars. I have to say, the bottles look absolutely great, with simple but attractive labelling and tall bottles with a thick base that remind me of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, albeit slightly thinner. For details on how the comparison was performed, check the notes on the showdown.

Gabriel Boudier Curaçao Triple Sec

40% ABV

Gabriel Boudier Curaçao Triple Sec liqueur

Gabriel Boudier Curaçao Triple Sec is clear in colour and has a bright, medium orange-zest nose. It is a very natural smell that immediately reminded me of freshly twisted orange zest, and had very little suggestion that the source was a potent 80 proof. When sipped it has a fairly heavy mouth feel, and the fresh, zesty taste is somewhat diminished compared to the nose.

While I wouldn’t describe it as having much of a burn, there is a definite heat through much of the sip, though I’m not sure that is unnecessarily a bad thing. The finish develops a fairly strong rock candy like sweetness, along with some orange in the background. The sweetness is fairly pronounced and lingers for quite some time. Overall it is fairly sweet for a triple sec, though with an impressively natural orange taste. It’s just a shame the strong but balanced nose is followed up by a slightly mellower actual taste.

Gabriel Boudier Orange Fine Champagne

40% ABV

Gabriel Boudier Orange Fine Champagne liqueur

Gabriel Boudier Orange Fine Champagne has a pale gold-yellow tint, and a slight thickness to its flow. While I’ve not been able to find an ingredient list its name suggests a link to Boudier’s Les Paradoxales Liqueur a l’Orange liqueur, which is made using Fine Champagne Cognac and citrus fruits, which are then aged in barrels for an unspecified length of time. It certainly has a Cognac nose, medium in strength with a subtle hint of orange zest and a little plain orange.

The Cognac remains prominent on initial taste, but eventually gives way to a very full, natural orange taste which lingers really nicely on the finish. The liqueur definitely falls on the sweeter side of the spectrum, though I don’t think it detracts from the taste and indeed works nicely with the bitter hints that occasionally show. There is perhaps a slight burn on the finish, but considering the high proof it is very mild. A fine Cognac-based orange liqueur indeed.

Note: In the interests of full disclosure, the liqueurs included in this comparison are a mixture of bottles I have purchased myself, and samples solicited from their UK distributors.

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