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June 1st, 2007

A very busy week at work, combined with a unusually hectic weekend, has unfortunately meant this site has been somewhat neglected over the past week or so. However, I have plenty of new stuff to talk about over the next few days, including a whole bunch of new spirits I have recently purchased, and my almost religious experience with the spectacular Aviation cocktail.

Anyway, in a very old-school weblog way, I just wanted to point out a few interesting links I’ve come across. The first is a fantastic set of videos featuring Gary Regan, of Joy of Mixology fame, at the Bar06 event in London. Very interesting and informative, even if poor Gary sounds like he had a few too many the night before!

Secondly, the first edition of diffordsguide digital was published today. I’ve been a big fan of Simon Difford’s books since I purchased volume five of Difford’s Guide to Cocktails, which is in my opinion one of the best cocktail recipe books around. There also used to be a quarterly guide, each of which consisted of one quarter of the recipe book, plus bar reviews, industry news etc.

These have sadly been discontinued, but this digital guide takes over, and while I will miss being able to read it on the train, you can’t argue with free! If you want to subscribe to the guide, you can simply email simon, stating your email address, name and country.

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2 responses to “Digital Difford”

  1. Gabriel Gabriel says:

    I’m anxious to hear the recipe and brands you used for the Aviation. I’m unable to get my hands on Maraska or Luxardo maraschino liqueur here (Stock’s only) and would like to compare notes since this cocktail started me on this little trek and opened my eyes to the possibilities available in cocktails.

    Also, thanks for the Difford’s guide link and tip, I look forward to seeing where it goes and didn’t know it was out there.

  2. Jay Jay says:

    Gabriel, I use Luxardo – ironically enough the only maraschino that is stocked at the online store I use here in Britain. It is a real eye opener isn’t it? I’m going to try it on my friends tonight and see if I can use it to convert them to the ways of classic cocktails. You can read more about my Aviation in the post I just made.

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