Coronation Cocktail

October 25th, 2008

I love a good, strong Martini or Manhattan as much as the next lush, but there are occasions where such a strong drink may not be the best course of action. Whether you have an early start the next day, a long night ahead, or simply aren’t in the mood for too heavy a dose of alcohol, sometimes a regular cocktail with a good 2-3 oz of strong spirits just isn’t appropriate.

When I find this is the case I often reach for a cocktail based on sherry, a fortified wine that packs plenty of flavour but not so much punch. The Sherry Cobbler is a great way to ease your way in to the evening, and the Bamboo makes for a tasty drink if you fancy something in a cocktail glass. Tonight while mulling over my choice of drink I came across the following in the Café Royal Cocktail Book that bears a strong resemblance to the Bamboo, with one sight twist.

Coronation Cocktail

Coronation Cocktail

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The original recipe doesn’t suggest a garnish, but I found an orange zest helps cut through the dryness to present a better balanced drink. Swapping the aromatic bitters for maraschino adds an interesting background layer to the Coronation that contrasts nicely with the vermouth and sherry. The final result is a lovely crisp cocktail, light but with plenty of floral flavour, perfect for when you want something interesting but not too strong.

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4 responses to “Coronation Cocktail”

  1. Rick Rick says:


    Wonderful photo! I love how the peel takes up the whole glass, almost as if it lives there.

  2. Tiare Tiare says:

    I was just thinking in the same line, but Rick said it already.

    It almost looks like some sea creature living in a glass..

    The photo is awesome Jay.

  3. Jay Jay says:

    Thanks guys, I was pretty pleased with how the orange zest turned out in this one!

  4. Victor Nordelöf Victor Nordelöf says:

    I found after doing some research 4 different drinks under the name “Corontation”… one is the one you wrote about here..

    one is with gin, dubonnet and dry vermouth, equal parts..

    one is with brandy and 3 dashes of curacao, 1 dash peppermint liqueur (i think, it might be bitters but i doubt it) and 1 dash peach bitters.

    The one i like the most is the one with equal parts applejack (I used Clavados), sweet and dry vermouth and a dash of apricot brandy… and for me who likes a sharper drink went heavy on the calva which made a beautiful drink as well…

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