All That Heaven Allows

July 1st, 2007

All That Heaven Allows

From Douglas Sirk’s excellent melodrama, “All That Heaven Allows” – Ned has just made Martini’s for everyone…

  1. Harvey

    “Excellent my boy, excellent.”

  2. Ned

    “Well, I’m not sure the gin is as good as the brand I usually use, but the vermouth is fair.”

  3. Kay

    “You mean those two little drops you put in?”

  4. Harvey

    “Kay, I hope for the sake of my liver you’ve miscounted!”

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7 responses to “All That Heaven Allows”

  1. Gabriel Gabriel says:

    Dude, well done! I’ve been wanting to start a feature on cocktailnerd highlighting drinks and drinking in classic films. I’ve just had trouble finding a way (and time) to get good stills and Sirk’s movies are a trove of Americana middle-class drinking habits. My first target is ‘To Have and Have Not’, Bacall bringing whiskey to Bogart’s room is classic and gorgeous moment. Love these types of things.

  2. Jay Jay says:

    Thanks Gabriel. I used VLC to take the above screenshot – seems like a great piece of software. I have a few more lined up, I only wish I’d kept a list because I vaguely recall numerous drinking scenes in classic films I’ve watched over the past few years, but I don’t remember exactly which film it is from. Very frustrating!

  3. Gabriel Gabriel says:

    I have VLC and it is a very good and versatile program and I didn’t even know it could screen capture. Good deal.

  4. cocktailnerd » Blog Archive » Drinking in Film: ‘To Have or Have Not’ - A blog of most things cocktail and alcohol related says:

    [...] piece on drinking and classic films with Douglas Sirk’s All That Heaven Allows. Check it out here, good stuff. from Stan Jones’ Jones’ Complete Bar Guide [↩] Share this [...]

  5. erik_flannestad erik_flannestad says:

    Nice quotes!

    There’s a pretty funny scene near the beginning of “Imitation of Life”, where the daughter makes highballs. I’m pretty sure it was the Sirk version, though, I’ve seen both, so could be mixing them up.

  6. Jay Jay says:

    I’m slowly making my way through Sirk’s back-catalogue, so I’ll keep an eye out for that!

  7. Walking Walking says:

    Great idea to talk about films in relation of cocktails!
    In the era of the films of Douglas Sirk, in Hollywwod, etc. it’s a real and interesting world in itself.
    Do you have any section dedicated to American Tv shows too…? What about Dallas…? :)

    Thanks for talking about this always wonderful film here.
    My blog is dedicated and inspired by All The Heaven Allows, one of my favourite films in my life.

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