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RotLC – Bénédictine

November 29th, 2007

RotLC – Bénédictine

Raiders of the Lost Cocktail is a new monthly event held over at The Spirit World, where the challenge is to find a tasty cocktail using the featured obscure ingredient. This month that ingredient is Bénédictine, a liqueur I have covered previously and very much enjoyed, so I thought it would be fun to try [...]

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Pisco Sour

November 22nd, 2007

Pisco Sour

Continuing the theme of brandies after Monday’s look at Calvados, tonight I’ve been sampling Pisco, the national spirit of both Chile and Peru. Pisco is made by fermenting grapes in to wine, and then distilling this wine in to a clear brandy. It has a sharp, fiery taste with an underlying fruitiness and a hint [...]

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November 19th, 2007


As much as I love gin, after so many gin cocktails I fancied trying something a bit different this weekend. I recently travelled to France for work, and whilst there picked up a bottle of rather nice XO Calvados, so decided that was probably a good place to start.
Calvados is a French brandy that [...]

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MxMO – Gin Round-up

November 14th, 2007

MxMO – Gin Round-up

And so another Mixology Monday draws to a close. And what a busy one it was! I count a total of 36 37 38 (see comments below) entries, including the three from eGullet members, which just goes to show gin is far more than just something your grandma drinks.
We had all kinds of entries, spanning [...]

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MxMO – Sloe Gin

November 12th, 2007

MxMO – Sloe Gin

Since starting this site I have looked at many gin cocktails, something which is quite amazing given that a few years ago I wouldn’t touch the stuff. I toyed with several ideas for what to cover myself for this theme, from looking at different Martini recipes to doing a taste test of various gins. However, [...]

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MxMO – Gin

November 7th, 2007

MxMO – Gin

It’s nearly Mixology Monday time again, and this month I am honoured to be the host. For those who don’t know, Mixology Monday is a monthly event held in the online cocktail world where we all make drinks and write posts around a certain theme.
This month the theme is gin. Not quite as inventive [...]

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