7 Best Websites for Streaming Audio Files

Rightly said, ‘music is the world’s best medicine,’ it has always been an inseparable part of people’s life. Thanks to this ‘newly found virus’, it has also become our savior, our safe space nowadays, especially for today’s youth.

The reach of music is everlasting. It is no wonder that we, the social animals, have technology deeply rooted in our veins now, and thus, the dependency on music is huge. Consequently, giving us a vast choice for streaming websites.

The following list of the 7 best websites for streaming audio files will help you out of your tangled mind and will make it easier for you to choose your digital best friend.

7 Best Websites for Streaming Audio Files

1.Tubidy mobi

With more than a million options available for streaming audio files, Tubidy mobi remains to be one of the most popular household names in the music streaming industry. It offers a decent streaming quality of about 320kbps with an enormous music library consisting of more than 40 million songs.

The good thing with Tubidy mobi is that it can be played on all the platforms such as iOS, Androids, Windows, etc., and also is supported by all the devices.

2. iHeartRadio: 

Brought in the best interest of students, iHeartRadio offers you free access. This oldie but goodie website has a legendry place in the world of music streaming websites. It has more than 18 million song options to choose from of around 4500 artists.

In addition to this, it has almost 1500 live radio stations for your different moods. It can become your go-to app for your 1900 classical music. iHeartRadio can be found on all platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, and even Xbox. 

3. Amazon Prime Music: 

A Spotify rival, Amazon Prime Music, is ‘the one’ for all the prime users out there. There are three main reasons for me to put it the third position in this list. Number one, the diverse and colossal playlists it brings out for its users, truly immaculate. 

Secondly, there’s wide platform support, meaning a chance for scouring a lot of underrated music. Lastly, better aspects of sound in comparison to its competitors. The interface is streamlined and accessible, allowing you to browse effortlessly. It is supported by all the platforms as well. 

4. Deezer: 

An all-inclusive well-designed streaming program. Deezer is also one of the seniors and far-tested music streaming sites. Being in the race since 2006, Deezer is a real millennial-friendly audio file streaming service provider. 

Along with its extensive catalog of as many as 30 million options, it has a huge device and platform support and 360 reality audio tracks of Dolby Atmos quality. The upgraded users also get access to some good non-music content. Although, I would’ve preferred if there was a better hi-res audio file streaming. 

5. Sound Cloud: 

I’d recommend Sound Cloud to all my aspiring artist friends. This unique streaming service company provides you the opportunity to share your creation with the world. Not much heard off; this might have a lot to interest you. 

It offers free streaming along with a variety of functions like access to boundless playlists and statistics. Speaking of the music library it is, massive. So, if you’re waiting to try out your skills in the market, close your eyes and just go for Sound Cloud. 

6. Apple Music: 

Apple Music is one of the most popular streaming platforms with an intelligently arranged alluring streaming service. However, Apple Music has been particularly designed for Apple users putting other operating system users of the track. It’s a potential go-to for quite a lot of Apple users. 

It cleverly creates a mood-like playlist and suggests soulful and smart song directions. There three feasible membership plans available to the users, all cost-effective catering to most of the general requirements. The soundtracks are pristine, crisp, and of good quality. 

7. Grooveshark: 

Grooveshark is another reasonable music streaming platform where there is a large list of song options available to the users. The real deal of Grooveshark has to be its interesting search and listen to format. 

You can upload your choice MP3s on this website and can also listen and subscribe to your friend’s playlist. Although it is ad-free, I’d still prefer going for an upgraded/premium version for a better experience.